Dillon is a camera assistant based in Colorado. While he's probably best utilized as a 1st AC, Dillon is happy to work in any position in the camera department. On large-scale shows and stripped-down run-and-gun projects alike, he quickly becomes a vital member to the team.
Some highlights of the long list of Dillon's technical proficiencies include familiarity with wireless FIZ units, wireless image transmission units, and cinema lens & camera systems; color management from pre-production all the way to DCP creation; live-streaming with multiple camera setups; and camera operation. Dillon is also highly organized, learns new information incredibly quickly, is fully autonomous & focused, and has an uncanny ability to keep team morale high in stressful environments. 
If you want to shoot a scene on a 50mm at T1.5 on Steadicam without any blocking, that's fine with Dillon. He'll probably think you're a little crazy, but because of his good attitude and trust in the filmmaking processes he will do his absolute best to keep your image in tack-sharp focus. 
Based in Colorado, but happy to go wherever the work takes him! Add Dillon to your next production by inquiring here!